The Lion, the Bitch and the Instagram Feed
We call it social media
I’ve been growing bored of social media as of late. It’s tiring, it’s infuriating, and it is all consuming. The only thing I really have time for now is the Instagram account I have for our snails (@thesnellies). There’s quite obviously a massive connection between the rise in mental health problems in young people and social media. It’s feeding us the wrong kind of signals; I can’t imagine how it must be for people growing up with it.
We get told to take a break. Delete your apps, put your phone down. Breathe. You'll be surprised what you can do. 
All I do is watch Doctor Who and eat. Social media ain't gonna change that.
It's more the people that are getting too much. Social media can be such a powerful tool when used in the right way, but it's being abused. Used as a weapon - and a harmful one at that. It's the way people are sly - or the way they unashamedly spew their full-on bollocks for no reason. 
Could've worded that one better.
On social media you’re given the ability to say whatever you want. I mean, you can also do that in real life – but people are a lot more likely to see online. I can ignore a racist, sexist pigs’ existence in real life, but they spread like fleas online. 
Or pubic lice. 
A man, middle-aged, white and working class. A Facebook post condemning gender equality, gender identity and feminism. The two are almost synonymous online. This man thinks he has the right to say what he wants, to feed the hate. He thinks that, because Facebook asks ‘What’s on your mind?’ He is allowed to tell everyone on his Facebook what is truly on his mind.
And the problem is, he is allowed. So he does. He tells the people on his Facebook that people who identify outside of regular gender barriers are wrong. He says:
‘If you have a dick, you’re a bloke. If you’ve got a pussy, you’re a bird.’
And then all of his dickhead friends start commenting. They agree, they laugh, and they continue to poke fun at and ridicule anyone who identifies as something they’re not familiar with. Then they share it and the post blows up. Suddenly you see this post everywhere. You think you’ve managed to filter out all of the idiots on your feed. You deleted them (or muted them to avoid beef) during the thick of the referendum. But nope, they crawl out from under the floor.
It’s just a share. Or a like. Or a tagged comment. But you see it. You see people aligning with the post, agreeing with it. Then, because of that, you see their true colours. It’s these people that I’m getting tired of. It’s one thing to rant about something online, share your thoughts. I’m doing it now. It’s a completely different thing to see one of your friends being tagged in a post that takes the piss out of trans lives and laughing at it. 
And just because they’re allowed to do this – doesn’t make it right. It’s difficult because one of these people could easily read something I’ve written about gay rights and disagree, then write something about how they’re sick of seeing snowflakes whine online.
But let me tell you this.
I am absolutely sick to my stomach of snowflakes whining online. Whining about how they haven’t left the EU yet. Whining about how there’s still Muslims in the UK when they are ALL GOING TO BLOW US UP. Whining about gay pride because ‘we don’t have it’. Ranting about the younger generation being too sensitive because we’ve started to find our voice and fight for what we think is right. Because when they were kids, they stayed out until the street lights came on. When they were young they wouldn’t dare disagree with their parents because they’d get locked up in the cellar for three months without food.
I’m not trying to say these people shouldn’t be allowed on social media, and I’m not trying to paint them all with the same brush. But what I am saying is that they don’t have any right to go off online about things that have no relevance or connection to their lives whatsoever. And why is that? 
Because they have no relevance or connection to their lives whatsoever.